The Pioneer Valley Bridge Strike Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Safety Project

The Pioneer Valley Bridge Strike Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Safety Project will replace aging rail and ties on the Pioneer Valley Railroad (PVRR) to improve operational efficiency and eliminate the immediate risk of failure on the East Mountain Road Bridge.  The project will construct a new rail overpass, reduce truck-bridge impacts by installing new flashing traffic warning devices in partnership with the City of Westfield, MA, replace aging 80# rail with 100# rail, and install 6,000 new crossties. 

The project will cost $3,594,229 and PVRR will pledge a match of 50%, or $1,797,115. The project will create a benefit-cost ratio of 2.82-to-1.00 and $6,112,982 in net benefits.

The East Mountain Road Bridge is a 100-year-old overpass and is struck repeatedly by truck traffic—including twice during the writing of this application.  PVRR’s bridge engineers estimate the bridge will be knocked out of service by a vehicular strike or structure failure within the next three years and customers will lose access to CSX in Westfield or Pan Am Railways (PAS) in Holyoke.  Replacing the bridge and upgrading the track of PVRR from FRA Class 1 to Class 2 will increase resiliency, improve customer service, and ensure ongoing access to all currently available destinations. 

Federal Railroad Administration staff should access files from the project narrative submitted via Links from that document do not require passwords. Accessing documents from the following menu will require the username and password on page iv. of the submitted project narrative.

A. Narrative: PVRR_A_Narrative.pdf – The project narrative.

B. Statement of Work: PVRR_B_SOW.pdf (.docx) – Required Statement of Work in both PDF and MS Word formats.

C. Benefit-Cost Analysis: PVRR_C_BCA.xlsxBenefit-Cost Analysis in MS Excel form.

D. BCA Explanation: PVRR_D_BCA_Explain.pdfExplanation of the BCA.

E. Documentation Letters:  PVRR_E_Documentation.pdfLetters from the heads of PVRR departments and consultants explaining values used in the BCA and this narrative.

F. Cat Ex Worksheet: PVRR_F_CE.pdf (.docx) NEPA Categorical Exclusion Worksheet prepared by Antea Group USA.  Note: The PDF version contains exhibits and maps, the MS Word version does not.

G. Support Letters: PVRR_G_Support.pdfLetters of support from U.S. Representative Richard Neal (D-MA01); U.S. Representative Jim McGovern (D-MA02); MassDOT Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack; Westfield, MA Mayor Donald F. Humason, Jr.; Mr. David Fink, Pan Am Railways; NGL Supply Wholesale; William F. Sullivan & Co.; Williams Stone; Mass. Bay R.R. Enthusiasts;

H. Project Budget: PVRR_H_Budget.xlsxBudget documents.

I. Commitment Letter: PVRR_I_Commitments.pdf – Letter from PVRR General Manager David Pederson committing 50% match and the letter of Westfield, MA Mayor Donald F. Humason, Jr. committing to maintain warning devices.

J. Bridge Reports: PVRR_J_Bridge_report.pdf – 2018 and 2019 Crouch Engineering inspection reports for the East Mountain Road Bridge.

K. Preliminary Drawings: PVRR_K_Engineering.pdf – Crouch Engineering PE drawings for East Mountain Road Bridge.

L. Procurement Statement: PVRR_L_Procurement.pdf – Statement that the applicant has a system for procuring property and services under an award.

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